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Welcome to FLOAT. In this podcast, acclaimed filmmaker Mary Sweeney and neuroscientist Jonas Kaplan explore the creative place where art and science meet. FLOAT is a series of conversations with filmmakers, fine artists, musicians, technologists, and neuroscientists, investigating the common inspirations, motivations, and processes among creative minds from diverse fields. Hosted by two USC professors, FLOAT takes you on a journey to explore what makes scientists and artists more alike than different.  


Nov 14, 2021

Gus Van Sant was born in Louisville, Kentucky and received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1975.  Gus has an international reputation as a filmmaker, painter, photographer, and musician.  Beginning with short films in 1979 Gus has directed 52 films. He’s been twice nominated for an Oscar and won the Palme D’or and Best Director Awards at the Cannes Film Festival.  In 2021 he turned to the stage, writing and composing Andy, a musical about Andy Warhol.